Sunday, February 10, 2013

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Cook to express

I have now been cooking for roughly five years and I now call this a blessing of Graduate School Life!!! After nights of surviving on the ever glorious Maggi Noodles and days of brooding over Wendy's wraps-to-go, one has to miss "home-made" food - more so because of the comforting word "home" I believe.

And it is very lawful to be selfishly nostalgic about your home and complain!!! Well, thanks to the best of roommates who risked me as one of the "house-hold cooks", I did rise above and beyond overcooked rice and over-sweetened lentils!!!! And as fate would have it, despite of innumerable scars and burns I love to be  a much so that I now cook to express - happiness, joy, success, togetherness, friendship, name it! Cooking has long been established an art form and I am a beginner. Yet, I love the satisfaction and joy I see in the people I cook for...a dish well-seasoned and well-served is so wonderfully rewarding. And as they say, I have managed to reach some hearts through their stomach :)...

I try recipes from books, from package labels and of course, the internet besides the traditional Bengali cuisine that I grew up with. What I am always looking for in a recipe is authenticity and some degree of challenge - really, I do not like easy cooking. Success is not always ensured, but failure brings new insights. So, I thought of compiling recipes I found unique and food-forms I find creative to share with my friends.

Before I begin the voyage, I bow down to all Mothers because they are the greatest chefs. I have never been able to reproduce the taste of anything my Maa makes...but in trying is my tribute to her....

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