Saturday, February 9, 2013

Indian Chai

A tall glass of Tea binds you well.....

Yes, we Indians do "cook" our tea. Simple it is one may think, but a good cup of tea or a tall glass for that matter can make your journey from Calcutta to London a swift ride!! Tea drinking might have been introduced by the British, but we have transformed black tea from a mere source of caffeine to an elixir that hold friends together. A tea stall at every corner of every Indian city will speak for evidence. Why not begin this new journey of inspiring to cook and finding expression through the process with a tall glass of ginger tea?

Servings : 2 cups

1. 2 thin slices of fresh ginger root
2. 2 tbsp Black tea of choice -  I use Assam Black Tea
3. Sugar/sweetener (optional)
4. Half cup milk
5. 1 and half cup water

Optional Accompaniments:

Anything sweet or salty, snack or savoury will be happily married to a fair and handsome Black tea :P!!


1. Boil one and half cup water (preferably using the serving cups for measurements)
2. Add the ginger slices (add more or less according to desired gingery flavor)
3. Let the ginger simmer till it softens and the aroma is awake
4. Add the tea leaves to the boiling water
5. Add the milk and give a good stir with a spoon
6. Let the liquid come to a boil
7. Strain and add sweetener if desired


One can always leave out the milk or add powdered milk. The tea leaves may be allowed to soak in for longer based on the desired strength of tea.

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